The three elements of success


Cristian Mihai

There are three elements to becoming successful in any given area.

Motivation: I also like to call it willpower. You simply want to get from point A to point B.

You want it. You are driven. You are willing to go the distance.

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Love to Do !

Choose a job, you Love to do !


You never have to work a Day in your Life !


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Today, A Great Day!

FB_IMG_1536904824052Today, I had a Great Start, My client started firing me for an issue, words came from her like bullets, even that’s not my fault “if u don’t know the job, resign & go” This hit me like an arrow, I could be only an audience listening to her kind words, The whole day I felt frustrated, my friends could feel the change and composed me, This all happens on Job, Just leave it.

I’ve never seen this way yet, not in my 18+ years of Engineering projects business, not even in my early / initial days of training.

I could accept anything & everything that’s professional, You could be my client, We value for your companies business, but Who are you to Choose my Business ?

“The answer is my Fate laughs at Me”


A Mistake:


Last week, I did a mistake on work, being stuck up on various activity, which has led to unfortunate delay & inconvenience to client. While, query about the issue, discussion kept extending, I interrupted kindly & said “It’s my mistake” told the fact in short, conveyed apology & assured this won’t repeat again. The moment I said “it’s my mistake” the situation went convincing & that story ended.

Good Job:

After 2 Days, One other Client, called me over phone & said “Hey! Shiva doing a great job man” I replied, Thanks for your view, that means a lot to my Team. 🙂 


I’ve Read these Somewhere:-

“Accepting / manage faults Self & Sharing Credits with Team” are signs of being a Good Team Leader. 

“Building Relationship is Our Business”


Done [or] Issue

is like one after other for every course of action. Sharing Credits with Team keeps up the Spirit, warmth within & Accepting mistake if it’s your‘s / convince the mistake politely will enhance, keep up effective Relations & Business.

So, May V put hands together & say? 🙂

I Will Do!” n “We Will Do!”


Thank you for Reading, I will join you soon, on other Post.


How do you Manage Issue & Success? Have you ever stuck up on Issue, unsolvable?

Greetings of the Day !

I would wish, Friends & Colleagues while meeting “Good Morning” or “Good Evening” whatever as per timing, that’s friendly/formal way of Greeting I hope. Most pupil will reply same “Good Morning”.
But, few I’ve seen replies “Morning” Why? Adding a “Good” , “Gud” does take more time Or any other reason with this.


Writing name in full, being signature in school days. Perhaps, that’s good time too. Since, expectations are limited. As grown up, we have to choose a Career, right path to explore life further, Moreover at this point Signature stroking changes. Either combination curves, drawings, all forms to be a signature. Signature could be told as pictorial expression of someone’s Name & Life Style.

Thinking about enhancing your signature…?

Try including this:-

1) First Letter of first name shall be highlighted – Putting first letter big and legible moving front, clockwise, shows confidence, authority, Lead.

2) River Mark strokes- Series of other letters in name, continued wave forms, continued ‘v’ forms, all moving forward, shows progression & growth.

3) Highlighting Prominent Letters of your Name- This has connection to DOB, Some letters in your name stands special. Those could be highlighted, shows fortunate, decision making, all other potential.

4) Anti-Clockwise finishing – Enmity & Jealousy is unavoidable these days, shall turn stroking back, in full, half oval, Show potential to overcome negative people, waves in any kind around you.

5) Tail Mark- Finish off with a smaller tail mark [anything out of name] since long tail marks, at times effects progression.

6) Underlining Signature- Putting a straight through line or emphasising designed line under signature, Shows flair, royalty & fame [if the river mark is like wave form it’s not advisable to underline, as this affects life progress]

7) Starting with Initials – If surname comes first as initials, preferably shall be legible and big, separated with (.)dots clearly, Shows care, respect with family and friends.

I’ve put up below pictures, Signature of Different pupil for better understanding:

Avoid this:-

1) Small first letter of Name-Starting with first letter small, leads to decisive thoughts, lazy, freak & composed.

2) Break in Stroking- Well known practice is not to take pen off from start to end while signing. But, it’s not possible for all, it depends upon style chosen. At least ensure there shall not be much break in stroking, this leads to health issues, and break in life even up to life ending thoughts.

3) River mark underneath- As seen early, river mark is progression, if it’s moving low, this leads to low down the order, inferior & slow moving in life.

4) Any letters going down- In middle or in the end, take care if any of the stroking moves downwards, not to extend, as this leads to negativity. Down stroke shall be utilised for balancing of signature & life either side.

Let us have a look at World’s Best ranked[Cool] Signatures:


Yup, John Hancock sign being Lead in Rank has an ultimate style of strokes & unique underlining might be the secret. Queen Elizabeth’s another hallmark of signature. Here too, underlining seems to be a Crown, confirming the Royalty.

Wanna, Explore more signatures. Click here 

PS: Points shared here are for reference only, based on different pupil. Variations depends from person to person by their attitude and activities. Changes will appear practical as more and more signing you do. Statutory requirements shall be considered before, fixing changes in signature.

Heaven 2 Hell-Marriages [Part-I]

He’s Pradeep, 10yrs being a mariner, He’s is not well choosen to get married, once attaining an age limit its formal to get married. His mother keep on searching for bride & found Seema.

“All went well till marriage. He doesn’t know his life will get reversed after all.”

As the day progresses, for simple causes Seema gone shouting, indifferent in behaviour, Suicidal threatening. Prakash was frightened, nervous at this behaviour, at the right time she got pregnant. As sailor he has been transferred for various location, Seema at 7months of pregnancy forcible to go with Pradeep ignoring all elder’s advice. Travelling in sea is totally a different living experience isn’t? & how it will be for a pregnant lady. Within a week she quarrels with Pradeep, some way he managed to return to her’s home. Pradeep lost job then being irregular on for his personal interference in profession.

MaritalHeaven Continues…




Disclaimer: The content in this story is fictitious, doesn’t have any direct / indirect resemblance.